We from FSA Travel are working hard on becoming a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism on the island. Or office is in Hotel Sun in Nicosia that has the Green Building Certificate.

We can provide our guests with hotel choices that have Green Building certification.

On our hiking tours we offer our guests free refill possibilities for their water bottles to avoid plastic waste. We select our lunch boxes according to the premises of avoiding waste.

We design our tours to minimize transportation time and distance. By allocating local hotel accommodation according to the visited area or choosing one central location we save both your precious holiday time and fuel consumption.

As a local company one of our goals is to provide a decent income for our suppliers and staff. From using the local village coffee house and village accommodations to providing a fair income for our guides, we are an important supporter of the local economy. This point makes us different from travel agencies abroad – and that’s why you should make your holiday booking directly from us!



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