The Troodos Mountains dominate the geological centre of the Island of Cyprus. The highest peak, the Chionistra which means “snowy mountain” is 1952 meters high, and on its slopes, we find skiing facilities as well as 2 hiking trails circling the peak at different height levels.

Besides the natural beauty, the Troodos Mountains host a string of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site Byzantine Churches and other monasteries and chapels. The most famous amongst the monasteries is Kykkos, where the first president of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, was educated.

On the lower slopes of Troodos, there are cherry trees and wine orchards. The best wines of Cyprus are cultivated up to a high level of 1000 meters.

We Recommend


  • Visiting the mining museum in Amiantos
  • Visiting the wine village of Omodos
  • Visiting the Church of Saint Michael with its amazing frescos in Pedoulas


The Troodos Mountains used to be, and still are, an important summer holiday retreat for the local Cypriot population.

The most glorious times of Troodos´ tourism lies in the past, before air conditioners made live more comfortable in the soaring hot cities of Nicosia and Limassol. In the 1950ies, King Farouk of Egypt was a frequent visitor of the Forest Park Hotel in Platres. He was the one who invented the Cypriot national drink, the Brandy Sour!


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