The region of Omorfo (Güzelyurt in Turkish) and Lefke is the “Wild West” of Cyprus. Omorfo is the touristic less developed part of Northern Cyprus, the meaning of the name is “beautiful” or “beautiful land”.

In the centre of the district capital Güzelyurt we find the Church of Saint Mamas, who is considered to be the patron saint of the tax avoiders!

Farther west we reach the former mining town of Lefke/Lefka on the northern slopes of the Troodos mountains. The Troodos Mountains are rich in metal ores; therefore, Cyprus was already famous in ancient times for its coper exports. Today we can still see the ruins of the mining facilities from the 1960ies.

Both Lefke and Güzelyurt are famous for their orange orchards as well.

At the very end of Northern Cyprus is the village of Limniti/Yesilirmak that is famous for its strawberry fields with fresh fruits from February to May.


We Recommend


  • Enjoying the view from Ancient Vouni
  • Picking strawberries in Limniti
  • Visiting ancient Soli


Sheikh Nazim Kibrisli (1922-2014)

Sheikh Nazim Kibrisli used to be a Muslim scholar from Cyprus origin. He was member of the Naqshbandi order. The Naqshbandi order belongs to the Sufi way of Islam, putting emphasis on the spiritual side of this religion.

The students from Sheikh Nazim are from all over the world, especially from USA and Germany.

His spiritual centre in Lefke is continuing after his death and open to visitors, informations are given in many languages.

This centre is an important point of interest for RELIGIOUS TOURS.



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