Although it is the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is still a hidden gem for many travellers. Nicosia (Turkish Lefkoşa, Greek Λευκωσία) is situated in the centre of the island and therefore doesn´t seem to be attractive to many visitors who came for sea and sun.

The capital of Cyprus has a very rich history and, what many travellers don’t know, intact city walls from the 16th century. This city walls are designed in a perfect circle with a diameter of 1.6 kilometres. The historic centre inside the walls is divided exactly in the middle, with 2 checkpoints open for pedestrians only. These checkpoints are open 24/7, please check ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for details.

While the southern part of Nicosia is a more standardized European city with all the well-known food and cloth chains being present, the northern part has an exotic oriental flair.

We Recommend


  • Enjoying a drink in the Büyük Han, the most beautiful building from Ottoman times in Cyprus
  • Visiting the Shacolas Museum in Ledra Street to see Nicosia from above


The population of Levkosia (Cyprus' capital) reaches around twenty thousand, which is difficult to determine since the women are not counted. The majority of the inhabitants are Turks, although the Greeks may almost equal them, then a small number of Armenians.

Catholics there are only 80-90; no Jews at all. The Turks of Levkosia often have upturned eyebrows, a wide slit mouth, often large, chestnut-brown, long-lashed eyes, and their hair is shaved according to Turkish custom.

They usually wear a sea-green shirt, which dresses them up very nicely, and they are always characterized by their white trousers and brightly colored dresses. The women always wear dazzling white dresses when they go out, but underneath they are luxurious, often dressed in silk. The Armenian women dress in the same way, the Armenians alla franca (“Franconian”, i.e. European). The Greeks are pretty people, but mostly their noses are too big...


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