Kormacit is the only village in Cyprus that is exclusively inhabited by the Maronite Christian (Catholic) community. The Maronites came to Cyprus in the Middle Ages from today’s Lebanon – and they still speak their own language, Sanna. Sanna is related to the Aramaic Arabic that was spoken in the Holy Land already 2000 years ago.

Today mostly elderly people live in the village, whilst most of the younger Maronite families live in Nicosia. On weekends and especially on the big Christian festivities like Christmas and Easter, the village is suddenly again populated by more than 1000 people.

Kormacit is one of the new centres for Agrotourism and Hiking Holidays. The village has 3 hiking trails and 3 mountain bike trails that start directly at the entrance doors of your traditional accommodation.

We Recommend


  • Hiking in spring when the Tulipa Cypria is blooming
  • Exploring the hidden beaches and green forests by foot or mountain bike
  • Try the traditional Kleftiko in the village taverna


The name Kormacit KUR MAJIT is a reminder of the Lebanese origin of the Maronite community in Cyprus. It means “KUR stayed there” – KUR was the original village in Lebanon where a major part of the population moved to Cyprus and founded the village of Kormacit.


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