The Karpaz Peninsula is the North-Eastern panhandle of Cyprus. Like Akamas in the West, the Karpaz Peninsula is an important retreat area for the Flora and Fauna of Cyprus. We find migrating birds, endangered reptiles, and a wide range of wildflowers, including endemic species like the Ophrys Kotschii and the Tulipa Cypria. Karpaz is also endearingly known as the home of freely roaming wild Cypriot donkeys which tend to be much bigger in size than their relatives elsewhere.

At the very end of the peninsula, we find the 3 most famous landmarks of Karpaz: The Church of Saint Andrews, the Golden Beach…and of course the feral donkeys. Don´t forget to bring some apples or carrots for long eared friends!

Apart from these main sights, in Karpaz you find tranquil villages, quiet beaches and amazing landscapes, it is the perfect region for a relaxed retreat from the everyday hustle.

We Recommend


  • MINIACYPRUS exhibition in Akanthou/Tatlisu
  • Swimming or hiking at the Golden Beach
  • The church of Antifonits with its 14th century frescos


The origin of the population of the feral donkeys in Karpaz:

Only a few decades ago, the donkey was the common working animal for the farmers in Cyprus. In the off seasons, the farmer let the donkeys run free, so they did not have to feed them when they were not working. Not all of them could be captured again for work, and in time  the population of the famous feral donkeys in Karpaz came into life.


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