Famagusta used to be one of the most important commercial centres of the Eastern Mediterranean for many centuries. This special status dates to the Bronze Age, when Cyprus used to export copper, bronze, and ceramics to highly developed civilizations like Egypt and Assyria. In the Middle Ages Famagusta was the easternmost Christian outpost and gained incredible wealth and reputation due to this status.

The Venetian City Walls and the number of remaining Medieval Churches are witnesses of this glorious past.

Today Famagusta is a vibrant student city, the Eastern Mediterranean University hosts more than 25,000 students.

Next to the historic centre of Famagusta and in a big contrast, there is the Ghost Town of Varosha, a sad reminder of the 1974 war in Cyprus.

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  • The ruins of the ancient city of Salamis
  • The Municipality Beach in Famagusta
  • The Monastery of Saint Barnabas


The Legend of Saint Barnabas:

Barnabas came to Cyprus with John Mark on the first missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, where they converted the Roman governor of Paphos to Christianity. On a later trip, Barnabas was allegedly stoned to death in Salamis - the independence (autocephaly) of the Cypriot Orthodox Church is based on the recovery of his relics.

Religious Legend, Cyprus Orthodox Church


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