The Troodos Mountains dominate the geological centre of the Island of Cyprus. The highest peak, the Chionistra which means “snowy mountain” is 1952 meters high, and on its slopes, we find skiing facilities as well as 2 hiking trails circling the peak at different height levels. Besides the natural beauty, the Troodos Mountains host a […]


The town of Paphos is located in the south-western corner of the island of Cyprus. Paphos has a picturesque harbour that is busy with daily boat trips and scuba diving schools selling their experiences. Just behind the harbour is the archaeological site of Kato Paphos. Kato Paphos is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site and famous […]


The region of Omorfo (Güzelyurt in Turkish) and Lefke is the “Wild West” of Cyprus. Omorfo is the touristic less developed part of Northern Cyprus, the meaning of the name is “beautiful” or “beautiful land”. In the centre of the district capital Güzelyurt we find the Church of Saint Mamas, who is considered to be […]


Although it is the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is still a hidden gem for many travellers. Nicosia (Turkish Lefkoşa, Greek Λευκωσία) is situated in the centre of the island and therefore doesn´t seem to be attractive to many visitors who came for sea and sun. The capital of Cyprus has a very rich history and, […]


Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus, the home of the island’s main port, and a bustling holiday resort. Legends of kings and kingdoms, and the origins of the island’s wine making industry characterize the Limassol region, which embodies both the ancient and the modern. Limassol is situated between the southern slopes of the […]


The specialty of Larnaca is the famous sandy beach just at the city centre. This beach offers a lot of facilities like kiosks, sunbeds, beach volleyball courts and many more. The architecture and sights are influenced by the main culture-religious groups of Cyprus, the Orthodox Christians, and the Muslim community. The Big Mosque (Kebir Cami) is […]


The city of Girne/Kyrenia (Turkish Girne, Greek Κερύνεια, International Kyrenia) is the touristic centre of Northern Cyprus. The historic centre of Kyrenia developed along the picturesque medieval harbour and the impressive Venetian castle. In the harbour, the wooden gullet ships offer daily boat trips with swimming breaks and lunch. In the narrow streets behind the […]


Kormacit is the only village in Cyprus that is exclusively inhabited by the Maronite Christian (Catholic) community. The Maronites came to Cyprus in the Middle Ages from today’s Lebanon – and they still speak their own language, Sanna. Sanna is related to the Aramaic Arabic that was spoken in the Holy Land already 2000 years […]


The Karpaz Peninsula is the North-Eastern panhandle of Cyprus. Like Akamas in the West, the Karpaz Peninsula is an important retreat area for the Flora and Fauna of Cyprus. We find migrating birds, endangered reptiles, and a wide range of wildflowers, including endemic species like the Ophrys Kotschii and the Tulipa Cypria. Karpaz is also […]


Famagusta used to be one of the most important commercial centres of the Eastern Mediterranean for many centuries. This special status dates to the Bronze Age, when Cyprus used to export copper, bronze, and ceramics to highly developed civilizations like Egypt and Assyria. In the Middle Ages Famagusta was the easternmost Christian outpost and gained […]



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