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As the name suggests, you travel to Cyprus and from here you visit a new location every week for six weeks. This is a programme for those who can take a long trip but do not want to spend the whole winter season abroad. Whilst other Long Stay Cyprus programmes can be as long as six months, this programme lasts just six weeks. The price is all inclusive for accommodation and full board and the six trips detailed below along with all transfers and entry tickets to museums. This tour is heavy on schedule but probably well worth the effort and cost because of the variety of sites to visit.

Program Details

Arrive in Cyprus and transfer to Hotel Sun. First day city walking tour in Nicosia. Nicosia is and old town with a 3000-year history. Throughout its history, Cyprus has been invaded by different conquerors because of its strategic location between East and West. The remnants of this history is everywhere in the old town, including a physical border separation between Turkish and Greek Cypriots that is still a reality today.

Second day bus trip to Famagusta and Salamis. Again, both these locations are steeped in rich history and sights of interest to see. Salamis as a significant city state over 500 years before Christ, is a good example of ancient ruins seen all over the Near-East geography.

Third day flight out of Ercan to Adana and then transfer to Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a World Heritage Site and a globally known tourist destination because of its unique rock formations and history dating back to 6th century BC. Stay three nights in Cappadocia and visit sites and museums throughout the area. Hot air balloon events will be available, depending on the weather conditions and at extra cost.

Returning to Adana airport for flight back to Ercan, Cyprus

Second week short trips will include bus trips to Larnaca and Hala Sultan Tekke and Kyrenia and Bellapais Abbey on different days.


This week’s overseas trip will be to Istanbul for two-nights. Istanbul is a global city; a city that does not sleep. Organised site tours to museums, bazars, Bosphorus boat trips, walking around the city in areas of interest such a Topkapi Palace and various mosques. There will be free time for individual tours or shopping. Price includes full board, usually lunch and dinner being organised in restaurants around town.

Returning to Ercan, Cyprus and completing the week with daily activities such as walking, trekking, or just taking it easy and relaxing, depending on your preference.

Daily trips Akdeniz for beach walks and Five Finger Mountains for natural walks with amazing views. This is a rather difficult but also exciting week because of the trip to Amman, Jordan for three-nights. Visit to Petra can be long and a little taxing but the seeing the final site will be worth the effort. There will be a day for visiting the famous Dead Sea and opportunity to bathe in it if the weather allows it.

Returning to Larnaca, Cyprus and completing the week with activities, short trips, or off days.

Starting this week with a trip to Karpaz and a one-night stopover. The Karpaz Peninsula is the North-Eastern panhandle of Cyprus. Like Akamas in the West, the Karpaz Peninsula is an important retreat area for the Flora and Fauna of Cyprus. We find migrating birds, endangered reptiles, and a wide range of wildflowers, including endemic species like the Ophrys Kotschii and the Tulipa Cypria. Karpaz is known for its natural beaty and long sandy beaches.

Take a flight out of Ercan to Diyarbakir for a three-night stay. Diyarbakir is known for its culinary variety and easter charm. There will a rather long journey to Mount Nemrut but the trek up will be worth the views and historic heads carved out of stone.

Returning to Ercan and down time to relax and re-charge.

The Cyprus leg of this week will be a visit to Troodos Mountains with one night stop-over. Troodos Mountains host a string of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site Byzantine Churches and other monasteries and chapels. The most famous amongst the monasteries is Kykkos, where the first president of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, was educated. On the lower slopes of Troodos, there are cherry trees and wine orchards. The best wines of Cyprus are cultivated in this region up to a high-level of 1000 meters.

Take a flight out of Ercan to Izmir for a three-night stay. This trip includes a scenic route down to the famous Ephesus site in south-west of Turkey. Ephesus is an ancient city in Turkey’s Central Aegean region, near modern-day Selçuk. Its excavated remains reflect centuries of history, from classical Greece to the Roman Empire – when it was the Mediterranean’s main commercial centre – to the spread of Christianity. Paved streets wind past squares, baths, and monumental ruins. The Temple of Hadrian was built before 138 A.D. for Emperor Hadrian’s visit.

Trip back to Izmir for one night stay and depart for Ercan.

Bus journey to Paphos for one-night stop-over. The town of Paphos is located in the south-western corner of the island of Cyprus. Paphos has a picturesque harbour that is busy with daily boat trips and scuba diving schools selling their experiences. Just behind the harbour is the archaeological site of Kato Paphos. Kato Paphos is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site and famous for its magnificent mosaics from the 2nd century AD. These mosaics are unique for the island of Cyprus and only discovered in the 20th century.

Take a flight out of Larnaca to Beirut for a three-night stay. Beirut was once known as the Paris of Middle East, and more recently has fallen on hard times because of long civil wars and economic mismanagement. It is still a beautiful location for short trips with its coastline and mountainous topography. It is world renowned for its excellent cuisine which is based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. A day trip to Baalbeck. Baalbek is a city located east of the Litani River in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, about 67 km northeast of Beirut. It is the capital of Baalbek-Hermel Governorate. In Greek and Roman times Baalbek was also known as Heliopolis.

Return back to Larnaca.

Notes on the Itinerary:

The itinerary here is designed to give you a good idea of all the activities and trips, however it is not complete due to the amount of detail involved. In general, the programme is full board and includes all accommodation, transfers, flights and museum tickets. If you like what you see and would like to know more, please contact us on info@cyprustravel.eu for more information.

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