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Cyprus is an ideal location for Wintertime living because it offers 330 days of sunshine, it is a developed country with all the comforts you are used to, and the cost-of-living expenses are much lower than European countries.


The Long Stay Cyprus Lifestyle Products are designed to give visitors a comfortable living environment, daily activities according to your hobbies and mini-holiday-breaks again depending on your lifestyle preferences.


Comfortable living Environment; we can recommend comfortable, clean and highly customer happiness oriented hotels. Food choices made from fresh and seasonal ingredients, giving you a healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Beverage choices of brands you are used to and more.


Daily Activities; Our support staff includes registered guides, qualified fitness instructors, yoga instructors, massage facilities. Daily activities are made of daily walking tours, daily visits to natural beauty spots and town centres, hiking, cycling, golf, tennis, language courses and other low burning activities such as book clubs and painting sessions.


Mini-Holiday-Breaks; Mini holiday tours are organised at least once a month for 3-4 nights. These breaks include visits to historical sites such as Ephesus, Mount Nemrut, or city breaks such as Istanbul, Athens, Amman and Beirut.


Visitors who come on Long Stay Cyprus programmes with be based in Cyprus. They will have comfort and hassle-free lifestyle where everything is done for them based on their preferences. In addition, they will have daily activities that they like to do and they will have opportunities to travel to surrounding countries for min-holiday-breaks. FSA Travel will design your all-inclusive Long Stay Programme according to your budget and preferences. You can choose from;

– Just Long Stay accommodation

– Long Stay accommodation and daily activities

– Long Stay accommodation, daily activities, and mini-holiday-breaks


Quick Product Description;

Get away for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 months. Full accommodation and board. Hotel entertainment options; pool, gym, wellness, terrace bar and restaurant. Daily activities. Bi-weekly or monthly mini-holiday-breaks.

Program Details

Arrive in Cyprus and transfer to Hotel Sun.

Guests are invited to visit different parts of Cyprus everyday to get to know the options and full size of Cyprus.

Introduction to daily activities, including morning walks/hikes, daily nature visits, tennis, yoga, golf, fitness, painting, learning languages and town walking tours, enjoying historical sites, cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Organised bi-weekly or monthly to historical sites such as Ephasus, Mount Nemrut, culinary trips to Diyarbakir and Antakya, city breaks to Istanbul, Athens, Amman, Beirut and Jerusalem (all trips are organised as being with one hour flight time from Cyprus).

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